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collective well-being


We started Ahara to enhance our personal, familial, societal, intergenerational, and interspecies well-being through an evidence-based healthy dietary lifestyle that advocates whole foods, and is plant-rich.

Personal well-being

Achieve Optimal Health

As demonstrated by the athletes and research featured in The Game Changers, switching to a diet centered around plants can yield significant performance advantages, providing optimal fuel, increasing blood flow, making muscles more efficient, and speeding recovery by lowering inflammation.

Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease

Research shows that a whole food plant-based dietary lifestyle can prevent about 90% of heart disease, and in many cases even reverse it.

Lower risk of prostate, breast & other cancers

Science confirms link between consuming animal protein and “turning on” cancer cells. Professional athletes agree in The Game Changers that plant protein is the best, and safest, source of protein. 

Prevent & Treat Diabetes

A whole-food, plant-based diet is a powerful tool for preventing, managing, and even reversing type 2 diabetes. Not only is this the most delicious ‘prescription’ you can imagine, but it’s also easy to follow. Plus, all the ‘side effects’ are good ones.

Lose weight, have more energy, and live longer

Plant-based diets should be considered a viable option for patients who are interested in losing weight and improving dietary quality consistent with chronic disease prevention and treatment. – Journal of Geriatric Cardiology

Save money

“Animal protein makes food prices more expensive” says Pepperdine Nutrition Professor Loan Kim. Research published in the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition found that eating a vegetarian diet is cheaper than a meat-based diet. Also, this UC Davis Integrative Medicine article discusses saving healthcare costs from medication to hospitalization.

Familial/Societal well-being

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Build relationships

Cooking for, or with, people builds relationships and community. Savoring the first bite, or sip, of something you’ve made for someone, or made together, is a magical moment.

Inspire your community

Inara Abernathy, a 17-year-old in Nashville, Tennessee, talks about when the first lady put in the White House garden, “it made me think about eating better food and losing weight.” Your actions can influence more than you realize. 

Intergenerational, Interspecies well-being

Reverse Nutrient Pollution

More than 50% of all streams and rivers are unsuitable for aquatic life, and the ‘dead zone’ in the Gulf of Mexico (and other coastal waters) grows each year because of nutrient pollution caused by farming practices developed to match global demand for meat. 

Reverse Climate Change

Animal agriculture contributes up to 51% of greenhouse gas emissions annually through methane from livestock digestion, carbon dioxide from clearing and burning forests, and nitrous oxide from increased use of nitrogen fertilizers. 

Sustain Fresh Water Sources

Replacing 50 percent of animal products in one’s diet with plants results in a 30 percent reduction in an individual’s food-related water footprint. Going vegan, reduces that water footprint by almost 60 percent.

Restore Marine Balance

Industrialized fishing methods using satellite technology leave 75% of all major ‘Wild Caught’ fisheries overfished resulting in subsitience fishing communities losing their food & livelihood. Some of these fishing methods (bottom trawling and longline fishing) cause bycatch – accidentally catching 70% of marine life only to toss them back dead.

Prevent Deforestation

“A major culprit is the cultivation of soy… the vast majority (of which) is processed and exported as animal feed in a commodities trade that serves a global appetite for hamburgers, chicken and pork.” – Amazon Deforestation, Once Tamed, Comes Roaring Back, New York Times

Save Life

266 animals are killed every second in the USA for food. 

What is a Whole-Food Plant-Based lifestyle?


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