Encourage an evidence-based healthy dietary lifestyle to reverse, and prevent, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and breast & prostate cancer to enhance our collective well-being (personal, familial, societal, intergenerational, and interspecies well-being).


Communities that share skills to grow, cook, and compost food for our collective well-being.

Theory of Change

Through mindfulness-based hands-on, local, and simplified experiential learning we pass on skills to grow, cook, and compost food to encourage an evidence-based healthy (and tasty) dietary lifestyle that is whole-foods, plant-based, organic, and seasonal. 


Founder, Culinarian

Center for Nutrition Studies Plant-Based Nutrition & Wageningen Nutrition and Health Certificates (on-going). Based in Ossining, NY.

Noura Embabi

Co-Founder, Culinarian

Skills in chillas, dosas, dals, rotis, and pressure cookers. Became Vegan as an adult. Also co-founder of An-Nas. Based in Ossining, NY.

Neelam Gupta

Co-Founder, Culinarian

Decades of Indian vegetarian cooking experience; taught cooking in Japan. Conveyor of heirloom recipes. Based in Powai, Mumbai. 

Ranjana Gupta

Co-Founder, Culinarian

Growing, and cooking, food in Uttar Pradesh for decades. Conveyor of heirloom recipes. Based in Powai, Mumbai.

Deepak Gupta

Culinary & Org. Advisor

Founded China’s best Indian restaurant – Vaastu. Famous for his Chana Masala. Based in Powai, Mumbai.

Dr. Satyendra Srivastava (Sachin)

Medical & Mindfulness Advisor

Founded TISA. Director at SMTA. Based in Herbertpur.


Ahara means dietary lifestyle in Sanskrit. The Oxford dictionary defines ‘diet’ as “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” Well-being philosophies like yoga expand this definition of diet to link nutrition to the health of one’s body and mind by emphasizing the quality of food, quantity consumed, and attitude when we cook and eat. 

Based on nutritional science, the kinds of food we favor are those in the A range of the EXSALUS Food Continuum*, ideally whole plant foods. The quality of food we favor is seasonal and locally-grown from small-scale organic farms that use animal waste to fertilize the soil. The quantity one requires to be satiated can be experienced through mindful eating. The attitude with which one eats could have three aspects: 

1) Gratitude: Consider the food’s journey from seed to plate, and all the sentient beings involved in the process, from those who fertilized the soil to those who prepared the meal (including yourself); 

2) Wonder: Consider how you – each cell and neuron – are literally made up of what you consume – food, water, and air; 

3) Conservation: Because of the prior two considerations, cultivate an attitude to not waste. 

Sushila Gupta

Co-Founder, Culinarian

Growing, and cooking, food in Uttar Pradesh since the 1950s. Chief conveyor of heirloom recipes. Based in Powai, Mumbai.

Ahara emphasizes balanced nutrition for a healthy body and mind through:

the kinds of food: whole plant foods

seasonal, local, small-scale organic

mindful eating till satiated

gratitude, wonder, conservation

*This image is sourced from this website: https://lms.ecornell.com/courses/1331960/pages/watch-the-exsalus-food-continuum?module_item_id=16096081. As mentioned on this website, “The Exsalus Food Continuum is reprinted with permission from Drs. Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman.”